Full – auto high speed window patching machine

Details Description

 Intemittent Length Sitting:    Suitablepatchingfortheuniversalwindow,andalsopatchingforthenapkinboxincision.Fordoubleasymmetricwindowsinonesheet,thatcanbecustomizedaccordingtocustomerrquirements.

 Double Line Model: Suitablefortheuniversalpalching,andalsodoublelinepaperpatchingtoimprovetheworkingefficiency.
 Smal Paper High Speed Model:Suitableforthehighspeedpaperpatchingforthesmallpaper,thespeedimprovetwotimesthanthecommonmodel.(16000pcs)
 Small Paper for for Double Line High Sped Model:Suitableforthedoublepatchingforthesmallpaper,doublepatching,thespeedimprovefourtimesthanthecommonmodel.

Technical Parameters

Model  FM-750P FM-1050P
Papersize W730*L650mm-100*150mm W1030*L650mm-150*180mm
Windowdimension W500*L440mm-W30*L50mm W550*L440mm-W50*L50mm
Paperweight Cardboard:200~2000g/m2 Corrugated board:1-6mm Cardboard:200~2000g/m2 Corrugated board:1-6mm
Filmthicknes PET:0.03~0.25mm PVC:0.03~0.3 PET:0.03~0.25mm PVC:0.03~0.3
Positioningaccuracy Top/bottom±1mm Top/bottom±1mm
Mechanicalspeed 3000~20000 sheet/hour 3000~18000 sheet/hour
Powervoltage 380V/50HZ(Three phase) 380V/50HZ(Three phase)
Machinepower 14KW 15KW
Machineweight 2350KG 3300KG
Overalldimension L5500*W1500*H1800mm L6500*W1800*H1800mm


Equipment characteristics
  1.Paper Feeding Assembly

  This machine used the Japan imported belt to draw out the paper from the bottom and non stop machine used to continuously add and feed the paper; intermittent belt for paper carrying and feeding has used the servo control, the intermittent paper carrying length can be adjusted on the human machine operation interface according to the length of paper; multiple carrying belts have been equipped with gear and gear rack device which can adjust the position of belt, be more left or more right.

  2.Gluing Assembly

  One high-hardness roller circulating glue used, the roller basement adopts center- oriented device to adjust the thickness of glue; with flexo template gluing, the shape can be carved according to the product need. The roller to install the template has a reference line making the template exact, convenient and fast to install. Gluing position can be adjusted more left or more right, the position regulator can adjust it to more front or more behind, the non- stop machine adjusted the position to all directions needed.
  3.Filming Assembly

  Independent servo control system is adopted Users can adjust the film length as per product size without shutdown. With the rolling knife, the film can be automatically cut. The sawtooth line can be automatically pressed out and also cut out the mouth of film (such as facial tissue box), air absorbing pipe will absorb the film onto the paper box and the non-stop machine then adjusted the position of film.

  4.Push Claw Assembly

  With double push gauge correction, Reducing error, Fitted with a locking device on the power gear, The parallelism of the two push gauge can be adjusted according to the requirement of the product.

  5.Paper Collecting Assembly

  Imported soft belt conveying can prevent product crushing, Paper is collected tidily in a sandwiching structure, Independently adjustable speed, selective use according to product, which ensures perfect quality.